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Qing Zhang has studied Painting, Printmaking, and Drawing with RMIT, and a Painting Technique course with VCA. She has faith in visual arts, and is passionate about bringing art to everyday life through her practice and the products created from her artwork.

Created by Qing in December 2018, Choose Arts is a brand based in Melbourne, where Qing brings to life her designs through products such as Art Print, Tea Towel, Scarf, Coasters, Greeting cards. She also offers services such as commission, bespoke order, and commercial work.


Most of my drawings and paintings are representational. My inspiration comes from many sources: reading literature, walking in nature, talking with others…When I decide to paint something such as a bird, I like to thoroughly research the subject. Part of the reason is that the information helps with creating the painting; but also it is just to satisfy my curiosity.

I do a lot of studies before painting. They are usually quick sketches, helping me to see the composition and tonal values. Sometimes I spend a greater amount of time studying the important details. Through these studies I learn about the subject itself; and even more importantly, about my feeling towards it. At some point they become clear to me, and I am ready to paint.

I draw with a 2B pencil lightly on watercolour paper, and use a kneaded eraser to fix my freehand drawing. I prefer to do it this way rather than tracing a “finished” drawing onto the watercolour paper. Painting in watercolour requires me to be fully present. I have a plan of attack, but I don’t have sole control. I give my full attention to the real masters here: water, paper, and paint. Following the lead of what’s happening on the paper, I seize the opportunity whenever I can. The decisions can only be made in the moment. You can never really predict how watercolour behaves, and working with a medium with endless possibilities makes me feel most alive.



Group Exhibition / Project

2019: SMALL; Fortyfivedownstairs; VIC

2019: Duality (Installation); Nati Fringe festival; VIC

2019: Can We Float; Brunswick Street Gallery; VIC

2019: Emerge: Seventh Edition; Brunswick Street Gallery; VIC

2019: Street Road Lane Group Exhibition; First Site Gallery; VIC

2019: RMIT Open Day Exhibition; RMIT Campus; VIC

2019: Chatter box(public art project); Melbourne; VIC

2019: White Night(public art project); Melbourne; VIC

2019: Derive(public art project); Melbourne; VIC

2019: RMIT Creative Collaboration(public art project); Yarra Promenade; VIC

2019: Life is a festival(public art project); RMIT Campus; VIC

2017: Bright Art Gallery Autumn Art Exhibition; Bright Art Gallery & Cultural Center; VIC

2016: VCA Visual Art Painting Technique Course Exhibition; VCA School of Art Student Gallery; VIC



Diploma of Visual Arts, RMIT

Painting technique, VCA

Bachelor of Environmental Science, Fudan University

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